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Peter Güthing: Iaido - Traditional Japanese Sword Art Volume 1

Peter Güthing: Iaido - Traditional Japanese Sword Art Volume 1

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that, even though it is based on the fighting techniques of the Samurai in feudal Japan, has developed into a peaceful, non-fighting art.

The author Kenjirō Yoshigasaki Sensei is teaching Ki and Aikidō in Europe since 1977

Editor: Kristkeitz, Werner (Mai 2015)
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Peter Güthing: Iaido - Traditional Japanese Sword Art Volume 3
In this book, the kata of the groups Seiza no Bu and Battō Hō are presented for the first time in German with extensive background information. They form the training content of the first years of training in Iaidō and the basic training for advanced students.
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I highly recommend this wonderful book by Dave Lowry. It should not be missing in any Budo literature collection.

Please note: The book is only available in German.

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Taisen Deshimaru-Roshi: Zen in the Martial Arts of Japan
This book is a guide. It guides the practitioner step by step through the Buddhist teachings, which are always clearly and extensively translated into concrete daily training.

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