Ebony bokken

Bokken made of ebony

Black ebony bokken - Ebony is one of the non-European hardwoods. Its grain ranges from dark black to black and brown striped woods. It is characterized by its hardness and dense / heavy and is one of the most valuable types of wood.

Your hair is black as ebony" - each of us knows this sentence from the fairy tale "Snow White".

Ebony is mainly used for the construction of musical instruments, marquetry, chess pieces, veneers and high-quality art-turning. Even in mythology ebony is attributed a magical effect - it is to protect against evil spirits. Ebony is a symbol of noble beauty and announces a positive development. In magic, wands are often made of ebony.

From our own experience in the martial arts, I would not miss my ebony Bokken. It lies warm and supple in the hand and also the energy leads wonderfully into the top - with each cut. I think - had Miyamoto Musashi had the opportunity to make his Bukutō from ebony - he would have deviated quickly from the Japanese white oak.

All of our black Ebony Bokken are hand-crafted - each one is unique in its uniqueness - as unique as you.

Black ebony bokken for sale

Bokken Ebony - Standard Shape / Dragon
Bokken made of ebony in the standard shape with a wonderful carving in the shape of the Asian lucky dragon.

Bokken Standard Dragon for e.g. Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, martial arts
Suitable for form practicing and contact training
Length: ca.. 103 cm
Weight: ca. 750 g - 950 g
Material: ebony
105,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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