Gi made of Gabardine

Gi made of Gabardine
We designed our Gi especially for the martial arts. We make all Gi and Kimono-Gi ourselves. In the philosophy of our Bokken Shop, we not only manufacture our Gi in the traditional colors black and white, but in many other fabric colors and the two types of fabric cotton and gabardine.

Gabardine fabric is woven from worsted yarns. These yarns have a very smooth and straight fiber, which makes the fabric look particularly fine, high quality and elegant. The fibers are made of wool or other fine natural and synthetic materials. Many gabardine fabrics are made of a blended fabric (wool, cotton, synthetic fibers).

We would be happy to tailor your gi or kimono gi to your body size. We are very happy to welcome any special requests. As a very special offer, we also tailor your Gi from your own fabric. I ask you to contact me directly.
Are you looking for a Japanese fabric? We can highly recommend to you. Ms. Reichenbach will be happy to advise you on your choice of fabrics. You have questions, requests and suggestions - we look forward to hearing from you.
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