Bokken made of native woods

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It is our great pleasure to offer you bokken made of domestic, European wood species such as oak, ash, beech or even walnut, elm, birch, chestnut and more. 

Even in the Paleolithic Age, people on the European continent used woods for the production of weapons. The oldest completely preserved hunting weapons in the world, the Schöningen spears, are about 300,000 years old and are made of the wood of spruce and pine. Later, the Romans resorted to shafts made of ash wood for their throwing spears, and in the Viking Age there were Danish axes with handles made of oak as well as longbows made of elm wood.

Sacred trees also play an important role in many European cultures. In ancient times, the cherry tree in southern Europe was dedicated to the goddess Artemis; in Norse mythology, the ash tree Yggdrasil embodied the entire cosmos as a world tree; and to the Central European Germanic tribes, pear trees were considered power trees and the seat of the gods. 

We use this rich treasure of native woods to produce our magnificent bokken, all of which are handcrafted. Our selection of European woods continues to evolve, we intensively study the traditional properties of useful woods and carefully test their suitability for the construction of special bokken and staff weapons. 

So you will find many bokken forms for different martial arts styles (e.g. Iwama-Ryu, Itto-Ryu, Katori-Shinto-Ryu and Kashima-Shin-Ryu), as well as different bokken types like shorter Ninja-To-Bokken, longer Nagamaki and the heavy Suburito-Bokken for muscle building.

We are always open to your inquiries and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you!
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