Bokken made of precious woods

Bokken precious woods
Wood is a wonderful material - the grain, the smell and the feel - all in all, brings you, in your martial art, in connection with your Bokken. We have very unusual and unique woods in our range that couldn't be more different. Such as. Wenge, Mahogany, Teak, Balayong, Urundai, Rosewood or Kingwood and Lignum Vitae - all Bokken impress with their fine and high-quality workmanship. All are handcrafted and tested by us.

Some of our Bokken are unique because we can only produce a certain number - e.g. Bokken from Rosewood. You will also find beautiful individual pieces - nature works wonders - we also have bokken made of Lignum or Cuchi-Urundai in our range. We are always on the lookout for the special wood and adhere to the protection of species.
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