Iaito - the legendary katana for safe budo training

The Japanese samurai sword is characterised by its perfect shape and design. In Japan, the katana has always been regarded as something sacred, as the soul of the samurai. It expresses the culture and attitude to life of the warriors.

Even today, many budoka practise their traditional martial arts such as kenjutsu, battojutsu or iaido with the blunt training variant of the katana, the iaito. We stock a large selection of iaito and blunt-edged katana for safe training in the dojo. As a special service, we have the popular John Lee katana from Haller professionally blunted so that they can also be used safely in daily budo practice. 

Our range also includes original iaito from Japan from the highly respected companies Tozando and Minosaka. We always have a few models in stock and a good connection to Japan. You are also welcome to order your personalised sword from Tozando and we will take care of the entire process for you.

In addition to the Japanese long swords, we also offer numerous wakizashi and tanto. Matching models are available from us as high-quality daisho sets (katana and wakizashi) or as sword sets consisting of katana, wakizashi and tanto. A wide range of katana accessories from care oils and sword stands to weapon pouches and sageo round off our range.

At this point, in the spirit of Budo and the art of swordsmanship, it should be said that the sword is unintentional. The intention is given by the person who wields the sword. Those who take up the sword must take responsibility for their actions, their thoughts and emotions. Those who wield the sword learn to make decisions, set boundaries, maintain their space and cut through deceptions. Those who carry the sword in their hearts develop a sincere attitude, the determination and the courage to open themselves up to life and follow their true destiny.

Katana & samurai swords with sharp blades
Are you looking for a sharp-edged katana, for example for cutting tests? Please contact us by email at welcome@bokken-shop.de or by phone on 0157 58060659.
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