Iaito Katana by John Lee

In the Bokken-Shop you will find a wide range of Iaito and blunted katana from the John Lee brand for Iaido, Battojutsu, Kenjutsu, Bujinkan and other martial arts.

We have had the hand-forged blades expertly blunted for safe training in the dojo. The company behind John Lee is Haller Stahlwaren. I have had good experiences with these swords myself in my sword seminars. The feedback from various dojos has also been consistently positive.

The speciality of the John Lee swords lies in the use of traditional materials and a sword construction that follows Japanese traditions. The blades of the Iaito and Katana have a long tang, are secured in the handle with two bamboo pins and can be dismantled like the originals. These are good entry-level Iaito with a convincing price-performance ratio, but advanced budoka will also get their money's worth with the higher-priced models with detailed ornamental designs based on Japanese models.

I recommend the following sword lengths as the maximum length. For many, one to two sizes smaller is optimal. Women in particular, who wear the sword above the pelvis and therefore higher than men, often get on better with two sizes smaller. If you have any questions, please get in touch and I will be happy to advise you!

Body length / maximum sword length

155 - 160 cm / 2,30 Shaku = 69,7 cm blade length
160 - 165 cm / 2.35 Shaku = 71.2 cm blade length
165 - 170 cm / 2,40 Shaku = 72,7 cm blade length
170 - 175 cm / 2,45 Shaku = 74,2 cm blade length
175 - 180 cm / 2,50 Shaku = 75,8 cm blade length
180 - 185 cm / 2,55 Shaku = 77,3 cm Blade length
185 - 190 cm / 2,60 Shaku = 78,8 cm blade length
190 - 195 cm / 2,65 Shaku = 80,3 cm blade length
195 - 200 cm / 2.70 Shaku = 81,8 cm blade length

ATTENTION: Measure from the edge of the habaki (blade ferrule) on the back of the blade to the tip of the sword and not from the tsuba (hand guard) to the tip of the sword! The habaki sits on the blade side of the tsuba. The size chart is based on the official recommendation of the German Iaido Association and is for information purposes only.

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