Tessen - Samurai War Fans

The Tessen is a metal-reinforced fan from the time of the samurai. While the katana usually had to be put down when entering a foreign house, the samurai could keep his harmless-looking fan - in case of an ambush, however, it is said that with an appropriately stable war fan it was even possible to ward off a sword if necessary and to incapacitate several surprised opponents. 

For this purpose, the cover bars and/or inner bars of the fan were made of metal, so these fans were actually foldable and usable, while other models were made of solid iron and only had the outer shape of a folded fan. In order to practice the martial art with the iron fan (tessenjutsu) with less serious injuries, pieces of wood in the form of a folded fan were used. We have such tessen made of various wonderful woods for your martial art.

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