Handmade wooden Naginata


With us you can buy Naginata made of European woods and various precious woods by our master carpenters especially for the Bokken Shop. Not all models are available in all types of wood. If you are looking for something specific for yourself, as a sensei, for your dojo or your budo school, we will be happy to support you and make the naginata according to your specifications. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Naginata is an ancient weapon, very similar to the halberd. It was mainly used by samurai, foot soldiers and warrior monks in battles. Later, the naginata developed as a weapon for women - especially women in a samurai family had to learn the techniques of using the naginata. Even today, in many classical Japanese martial arts (Koryu) such as Bujinkan, Katori Shinto Ryu, Jigen Ryu, Toda-Ryu, the learning of fighting techniques with the Naginata is still alive.

IMPORTANT: You want to order more than one long weapon? Please do NOT place your order via the shop, but send me an e-mail. This way you only pay the bulky goods surcharge once. Thank you for your understanding.

Wooden Naginata for sale

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