Hakama made of Gabardine

Buy Gabardine Hakama for men & women. Our gabardine fabric has a weight of about 250 g/m2. This corresponds to about 8.8 oz/m2.

Gabardine fabric is woven from worsted yarns. These yarns have a very smooth and straight fiber, which makes the fabric look especially fine, high quality and elegant. The fibers are made of wool or other fine natural and synthetic materials. Many gabardine fabrics are made of a blended fabric (wool, cotton, synthetic fibers). Gabardine fabric is very high quality and extremely durable. For this reason we have decided to produce Budo clothing from gabardine fabric. Gabardine fabric is often made of refined fibers, which gives it the robustness, grip and softness in the fall - which are important for martial arts. Its delicate sheen gives your budo clothing something luxurious.T


Hakama size chart:

Body Size 155 160 165 170 175 180 185 190 195 200 205 210
Lenght Man 83 87 91 95 99 102 106 110 114 118 122 126
Lenght Woman 85 89 93 97 100 104 108 112 116 120 124 128

1 to 8 (from a total of 14)

he Hakama is a traditional Japanese garment, which was worn as early as 900 AD by men in the highest social classes of Japan. Its origin - it is believed - probably lies in the Heian period (794 - 1185), when women at the imperial court wore culottes over their kimono. As a traditional garment, the samurais adopted the hakama as early as the 12th century. Until World War II, it was normal for men to wear hakama and haori in public. With the "westernization" of Japan, the hakama was only worn on formal occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and shrine visits, at traditional Japanese dance, as well as in various martial arts (e.g. Aikido, Iaido or Kendo) (with leg division). In addition to protecting the legs in combat, it was also used in swordfighting so that the position of the feet was not visible to the opponent - so the opponent could not draw any conclusion from the position of the feet as to how the attack or defense was made.

The Hakama has seven folds, which symbolize the seven virtues of Budo:
JIN - goodness | GI - honor, justice | REI - courtesy, etiquette | CHI - wisdom, intelligence | SHIN - sincerity | CHU - loyalty | KOH - reverence