Initiatic Swordwork - Seminars & Workshops

To be in clarity and presence, to draw from inner strength and to shape life from a centered center is what many people strive for. We don't always succeed in this. Too often we are dominated by doubts, we no longer believe in our own abilities and go on a search in the everyday "outside". Sometimes life comes to a standstill in a personal and / or professional context, and we think about the next step forward - but where and how?

The sword directly reflects how I stand by myself in life, how I act towards life and how I encounter life. It opens up a clear view for us and brings us tangibly into contact with our own inner source of life force - the Hara (Ki).

The sword is our coach and mirror at the same time. Presence, clarity, determination, leadership, communication, mindfulness, trust and appreciation are just some of the topics that are addressed. In these areas I offer individual coaching, seminars, workshops and individual trainings for individuals, couples, groups, teams and executives.
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I'm looking forward to the encounter.
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