Ninja-To Bokken - Ninja practice sword

The ninja-to, also ninjato or shinobi gatana, is considered the sword of the ninja. There are many myths and interpretations regarding the mysterious abilities of the ninja and their diverse weapons. The ninja-to commonly has a shorter blade than a katana, which can be either slightly curved or completely straight, but is overall longer than most wakizashi. The training version of these wooden swords is modeled after the sharp weapons. 

Our Ninja-To Bokken are ideal for Ninjutsu or Bujinkan and other martial arts - or even for practicing a sword art in your living room at home with a low ceiling and limited space. They have a total length of 80-90 cm with a handle length of about 30 cm. Therefore you can use them two-handed like a long sword, but also one-handed like a short sword. 

We offer different types of wood and price ranges for your Ninja-To, feel free to ask for advice!
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