Welcome to the Bokken-Shop

Welcome to the Bokutō-Shop - I am glad that you came here. My name is Ulrich Horender and I am happy to support you on your Budo path.

Bokken-Shop Heilbronn, Ulrich Horender - Initiatische Schwertarbeit, www.bokken-welt.de In times like these, which pose a variety of challenges for everyone, it is very important to us here in the Bokken Shop to be able to support you and you well on the path of Budo. Part of the common path lies in the Budo community - in mutual support. We do this because we are following our destiny. We love and live, with all our hearts and with all joy, what we do and accompany you - as a warrior - on your Budo path.

Any martial art - whether Aikido, WingTsun, Kendo, Iaido, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo. Escrima. Ninjutsu and much more. - is a way to the essential - a way to inner harmony and balance. We are happy to be a partner for you as a sensei, for your dojo, your budo and tai chi school, your club and association and for you as a sword teacher & sword coach and are happy to offer you special conditions or equip you completely.

In the spirit of Budo.
Bokken made of ebony, Bokken made of European wood, Bokken made of Japanese white oak, Bokken made of precious wood - exclusively in your www.bokken-shop.de
Bokken / Bokutō- the practice sword of the samurai
We carry Jo & Bo sticks, Naginata, Yari spears, Hanbo & Tanbo, Tonfa, Dulo-Dulo, Kris swords and much more - exclusively from your Budo dealer - www.bokken-shop.de
Wodden wappons- exclusive wooden weapons for your Budo path
We tailor our Budo clothing ourselves. Hakama, Gi, Kimono-Gi, Hadagi, Yubon, custom-made budo clothing - only at your Budo dealer - www.bokken-shop.de
Budo-clothing - Extensive clothing for your martial arts
Tai Chi swords, Tai Chi sabers, Tai Chi clothing - exclusively in your www.bokken-shop.de
Tai Chi- exclusive products for your Tai Chi path
We carry Iaito katanas from Japan, sharpened katanas, samurai swords - exclusively from your Budo dealer - www.bokken-shop.de
Katana- the sword of the Samurai
We carry sword & amp; Bokken stand, Bokken, sword & amp; Tai Chi weapon bags, meditation supplies, equipment for your dojo - your specialist dealer for budo equipment - www.bokken-shop.de
Budo-Equipment - Large selection of accessories for your budo path


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