Welcome to the Bokken-Shop,

My name is Ulrich Horender. I am the owner and manager of the Bokken-Shop. I am glad that your way has led you here and I am happy to support you on your way.

Martial arts is for me a philosophy, an attitude and a way of life. From this understanding I accompany you. This is my mission and task, which I fulfill with all my heart and with all my joy. I will be happy to advise you on our bokken & wooden weapons, iatio katanas & budo equipment, budo clothing, seminars and answer your questions.

Your exceptional martial arts dealer!

Any martial art - whether Aikido, Iaido, Bujinkan, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Escrima, Ninjutsu, WingTsun, Kendo, and more. - is a way to the essential, to the Dō, Dào - a way to inner harmony and balance. I am happy to be a partner for you as a sensei, for your dojo, your budo and tai chi school, as a sword teacher, your club / association and offer you special conditions.

NEW: We also ship goods up to a total length of 120 cm to the USA and Canada. For longweapons please ask by mail.

I look forward to the encounter.

Bokken made of ebony, Bokken made of European wood, Bokken made of Japanese white oak, Bokken made of precious wood - exclusively in your www.bokken-shop.de
Bokken / Bokutō- the practice sword of the samurai
We carry Jo & Bo sticks, Naginata, Yari spears, Hanbo & Tanbo, Tonfa, Dulo-Dulo, Kris swords and much more - exclusively from your Budo dealer - www.bokken-shop.de
Wodden wappons- exclusive wooden weapons for your Budo path
We tailor our Budo clothing ourselves. Hakama, Gi, Kimono-Gi, Hadagi, Yubon, custom-made budo clothing - only at your Budo dealer - www.bokken-shop.de
Budo-clothing - Extensive clothing for your martial arts
Tai Chi swords, Tai Chi sabers, Tai Chi clothing - exclusively in your www.bokken-shop.de
Tai Chi- exclusive products for your Tai Chi path
We carry Iaito katanas from Japan, sharpened katanas, samurai swords - exclusively from your Budo dealer - www.bokken-shop.de
Katana- the sword of the Samurai
We carry sword & amp; Bokken stand, Bokken, sword & amp; Tai Chi weapon bags, meditation supplies, equipment for your dojo - your specialist dealer for budo equipment - www.bokken-shop.de
Budo-Equipment - Large selection of accessories for your budo path


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