Kyoketsu Shoge, Jutte, Kunai

The Kyoketsu Shoge was probably developed by ninja fighters of the Iga province. The ninjas often made weapons that bore resemblance to the tools used by farmers.
Kyoketsu-Shoge translates as "walking in the fields and mountains". The blade is double-edged and has a curved blade near the hilt. To the shoge was attached a 3 - 5 meter rope or even a chain, which was attached to a metal ring.
The possible uses are many and varied. For example, the blade could be used as a thrusting or slashing weapon. The rope or chain was used to wrap around or tie up the opponent. Skilled ninjas could use the weapon to entwine in sword and tear it from the hands of the opponent.
In our Bokken store we offer you Kyoketsu Shoge made of beech or ash wood. We deliver the shoge including a 4 meter long cord and a ring made of plastic.
Kunai made of beech wood ➤ ' for Bujinkan, Jōdō, Ninjutsu, Ninja, Your Budo dealer!
We offer you a Kunai made of beech wood.

Kunai for e.g. Bujinkan, Ninjutus, martial arts.
length: approx. 34 cm
weight: approx. 240 g
handle length: 9 cm
Thickness: 4 cm (thickest part)
19,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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