Martial Arts Pads

High-quality martial arts pads are important both for training in the dojo and when working with people and groups. We have had very good experiences with the punch pads we offer in seminars and can recommend them all to you with a clear conscience. The shock-absorbing and highly elastic fabrics offer both the person in front of and for the partner behind the punch pad a high level of security, so that your strength and concentration can be put into the training.

Our punch pads are also ideal for therapeutic work, sword work and for you at home. We use them regularly in our seminars in initiatic sword work.

Do you need a larger amount of punch pads for your dojo & training room, your seminars & workshops, for your therapeutic work or for another use? We look forward to hearing from you by phone or email. We would be happy to support you on your way and find a good solution for you.

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