Aikido / Judo Martial Arts Suits

For children and adults we offer proven aikido and judo martial arts suits, which are also very suitable for karate and taekwondo. The white suits are durable and designed by practitioners for the everyday stresses of training. For children and beginners we offer inexpensive models that are easy on the wallet, but also advanced aikidoka and judoka will find the right clothing.

Aikido as well as Judo are comparatively "gentle" Japanese martial arts, which are less dedicated to hard, aggressive techniques, but rather to a clever yielding and forwarding of the attack energy. In both disciplines, white suits are traditionally worn first; in aikido, later on, dan holders often additionally wear the hakama. The Keikogi or Gi suit is used in many other Budo disciplines.

We will be happy to advise you in your search for the right suit!
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