Jo Stick

The Jo-Fighting-Stick comes from an old Japanese martial art - the jōdō. In this independent martial art, the Jo was used to defend against the Japanese sword (katana). The Jo Stick is still used in various martial arts today. These include different styles of budo, yo-jutsu, yo-do and aikido. In these disciplines only the objectives in dealing with the Jo-Rod differ.

In our fine Bokken-Shop, we have Jo fighting sticks in over 12 types of wood. Would you like your Jo-Rod in a certain type of wood or as a set (Bokken, Jo, Shoto, Tanto)?

We would be happy to support you. We look forward to your contact.

Wooden Jo-Fighting-Sticks for sale

Simple weapon bag for a Jo-Stick
We offer you a simple and robust weapon bag for your Jo-Stick. The weapon bag has an adjustable shoulder strap.

Weapon bag for Jo-Stick. Aikido, Hapkido, Karata, Kung Fu, Kobudo, martial arts
Material: black nylon
Length: approx. 130 cm
Width: approx. 11 cm
Weight: approx. 0.15 kg
Adjustable shoulder strap
24,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
High quality weapon bag for Jo, Shinai & Bokken - 135 cm
Our spacious nylon weapon bag has 3 compartments inside and a smaller outside pocket for small parts.

Weapon bag for Aikido, Hapkido, Ju Jutsu, Kendo, Kobudo, martial arts
Material: black nylon
Color stripes in blue-red
Small parts compartment
Length: approx. 135 cm
Width: approx. 15 cm
Weight: approx. 0.75 kg
Hand handle and adjustable shoulder strap
41,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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