Tai Chi wooden swords

In our fine Bokken shop we also carry Tai Chi swords and Tai Chi saber made of wood and steel. Our wooden Tai Chi weapons are well suited for learning the techniques of Tai Chi Swordsmanship.You will find handmade Tai Chi swords and Tai Chi sabers from oak, elm, ash and walnut as well as from special woods such as ebony, balayong, palm wood or Lignum Vitae. In order to support you optimally with your tai-chi-training, we lead different lengths.

Our high demands on us is to be able to offer you a suitable Tai Chi sword for your exercises. We spoke to tai chi teachers about which blade lengths are usually required.

With the new production of Tai Chi swords we offer you the following sizes:
Body size: 155 - 160 cm = blade length 65 cm | Body size: 160 cm - 165 cm = blade length 70 cm | Body size 165 - 175 cm = blade length 75 cm | Body size 175 - 180 cm = blade length 80 cm.

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