Tai-Chi Chuang

Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that was originally developed as self-defense. It combines elements and movements from self-defense (Wushu) with the connection to the inner energy (Qi Gong, Chi, Hara, Ki).

Tai Chi can be practiced as a martial art, movement training or for meditation. Essentially everything revolves around the life energy, the QI (Chi), which flows freely in the body and thus makes people stronger and healthier. The way of the practitioner is to increasingly perceive the QI (Chi), to control it and to connect to it.
In our fine Bokken shop we also carry Tai Chi swords, Tai Chi sabers made of both wood and steel and also Tai Chi clothing. You can find handcrafted Tai Chi swords and Tai Chi sabers made from wood types such as ebony, ash, elm, oak and other precious woods.
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