Katana Sets

High quality Katana sets and Aamuraisword sets for sale! From our own adoration of these unique and wonderful Katanas & Samuraiswords, we would like to offer you a few special Samurai-sword-sets. The traditional sword pair of a samurai consisted of the combination of katana and wakizashi. Around 1550 it became fashionable to wear both together in the belt. Some of our katana sets consist of katana, wakizashi and tanto.

These special sets are extra blunt ground. You are looking for a Katana set with a sharp blade? Please contact me by mail, mobile or on site. Most of the offered Katana sets are also available with sharp blade.

You have questions, need information or want to put together a special Katana set yourself? We are happy to support you.

Katana Set / Samurai Sword Set for sale

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