Budo Clothing

Budo Clothing
Our own experiences from initiatic sword work and the practice of martial arts (Aikido, WingTsun) have led us to design our own budo line. The "big picture" was a great support for us and led us to a lovely person who had the right contact for us. And so we can offer you our first series - Budo clothing - demonstrate.
In addition to Hakama, Hadagi & Jubon, Gi & Kimono-Gi, you will also find NEW our Jubon (undershirt) and Tabi & Zori shoes.

In the same philosophy as with our bokken and other wooden weapons - we manufacture these products ourselves. This means that we can also implement custom-made products and very special requests from you. We are happy to customize your Hakama, Gi, Hadagi, Kimono to your size and according to your wishes. We look forward to hearing from you.

The folds of my Hakama are quilted and thus guarantee a consistently optimal look. I save you the laborious ironing in of the creases - the Hakama falls well and can therefore be folded up super easily. Due to the in-house production, this Hakama is not only available in the traditional colors black, blue and white - but also in other colors. Do you have a special request here?

You will find your budo clothing here not only made of cotton, but also made of garbardine. Garbardine is a very easy to care for fabric with high resilience and a beautiful, elegant sheen. We are happy to equip your dojo, your trainers and embroider your training clothing with a logo or lettering.
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