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Here you will find high-quality Budo clothing for various martial arts such as Aikido, Ju-Jutsu, Ninjutsu, Karate, Iaido and Initiatic Swordwork. We have incorporated our own many years of experience in martial arts practice into the development of our Budo-Line. In addition to proven products from other manufacturers, we are very proud to be able to offer you clothing from our own production, in keeping with the philosophy of the Bokken Shop. This means that we are also able to realise custom-made products and special requests from you.

From head to toe - we dress you! Whether a durable Keikogi / Gi or a complete outfit for Iaido, with us you will find everything your Budo heart desires. As underwear a Jubon as well as a Hadagi, as tops Gi and Kimono-Gi, furthermore our popular Hakama in many variations and for the feet traditional Tabi shoes & Zori sandals. Not forgetting a wide range of Budo belts, from plain coloured belts for all grades to traditional wide obi in patterned silk brocade.

The pleats of our hakama are stitched and thus guarantee a consistently perfect look. We save you the trouble of ironing in the pleats - the hakama falls well, keeps its shape and is therefore easy to fold. Due to our in-house production, our Hakama are not only available in the traditional colours black, blue and white - but also in other colours. Do you have a special request? We are all ears.

Our range of fabrics includes classic cotton as well as elegant gabardine made of worsted yarns with very smooth and straight fibres, and easy-care mixed fabrics with polyester or rayon components, according to your needs and personal preferences.
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