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Reinhold Dietrich: Karate-Do - The heart of karate

Reinhold Dietrich: Karate-Do - The heart of karate

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Reinhold Dietrich: the path of the great
I would like to thank Reinhold Dietrich for giving me the opportunity to offer his book "The Path of the Great" to you in my Bokken shop.

Please note: The book is only available in German.

Publisher: Verlag Dietrich
Language: German
Softcover: 85 pages
ISBN: 978-3-9500425-9-7
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Decorative wall holder for three samurai swords
There is space for up to three samurai swords on our wall bracket. You can decoratively present your katana, your wakizashi and your bokken on this simple wall bracket.


For 3x katana, 3x bokken, 3x weapons
Color: Black
Material: solid wood
Height: approx. 36 cm
Width: approx. 36 cm
Depth: approx. 10 cm
Wall bracket
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Robust kaku obi made of cotton - beige
This traditional cotton kaku obi, in the color: beige, is a sturdy obi for use in many other traditional Japanese martial arts.

Obi belt made of cotton
Colour: beige
Length: approx. 395 cm
Width: approx. 9.4 cm
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