Book: Inazo Nitobe: Bushido - The soul of Japan ► Books for Aikido, Jujutsu, Zen, Iaito, Kendo. Your Budo specialist dealer!
Inazo Nitobe: Bushido - The soul of Japan

Inazo Nitobe: Bushido - The soul of Japan

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Essays from the communications of the German Society for Nature and Ethnology of East Asia from the years 1884-1908.

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Please note: The book is only available in German.

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Noble floor weapon stand for 1 samurai sword ➤ »suitable for Aikdio, Jodo, Bujinkan, Jodo, Ju-Jutsu - your Budo specialist dealer!
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For 1 katana/bokken/weapon
Color: Black
Material: wood
Height: approx. 60 cm
Ground weapon rack
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