Fighting stick - the Ziegenhainer

Fencing and fighting stick “Der Ziegenhainer” made from European cornelian cherry.
We are particularly pleased that we can offer you three of these wonderful and rare fencing sticks "Ziegenhainer".
The production of a goat grove is a very complex and time-consuming process that takes over 3-4 years and requires a lot of patience, courage, endurance, sweat and tact from our friend Michael. The cornelian cherry is a very slow growing wood. Where a pine tree has a diameter of 30 cm, the cornelian cherry has a diameter of just 30 mm in the same period.
Ziegenhain near Jena is named after the hiking, pilgrim and fencing stick. The stick gained a legendary reputation with the Jena students, which went far beyond the borders of Europe. In the 19th century - in the time of student wanderings when changing universities or higher education institutions - the cane made from cornel cherry increasingly became a status symbol.
Our light goat groves are not only intended for pilgrimage and hiking, but also for regular training in martial arts. Michael developed the modern dimension in collaboration with two European fencing schools. The sticks are very fast and their elasticity becomes apparent as the load increases.
A companion for a whole life - whether on a walk, a hike in the mountains, your pilgrimage path, on the roller, in your student movement or in your martial art.

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