Naginata & Yari

Our yari and naginata from ebony and precious woods are handmade by our master carpenters especially for the Bokken shop. There are not all models in all types of wood available. If you are looking for something special for you, as sensei, for your dojo or your budo school, then we support you gladly and manufacture the yari and naginata according to your specifications. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Naginata is an ancient weapon very similar to the halberd. Mainly it was used by the Samura, foot soldiers and war monks in battles. Later, the Naginata were a weapon for women - especially women in a samurai family had to learn the techniques in dealing with the Naginata. Even today, in many classical Japanese martial arts (Koryu), learning the combat techniques with the Naginata is alive.

The Yari is one of the first Japanese weapons derived from the ancient Chinese spears. The spear is mainly used in art called sojutsu (the Japanese art of fencing with yari lances). The Yari originated during the Sengoku period - it replaced the Naginata as a pole weapon on the battlefields. Over time, quite different types of Yari were created - Yari that piercing the metal armor, block the opponent or beat the opponent with sophisticated techniques.
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