Jukendo Mokuju For Competition

The Jukendo originates from a Japanese bayonet fighting technique "Jukenjutsu" which was taught at the Toyama Military Academy in Tokyo. The founder of Aikido "Morihei Ueshiba" integrated elements from Jukenjutsu into his own teaching. After World War 2, Jukenjutus were banned by the US occupation. Only since the founding of the Jukendo Federation in 1952, this martial art is taught again.
Today, a wooden replica of the rifle with a blunt bayonet end (mokuju) is used. With the Mokuju only blows are executed. There are 3 main targets on the body that are hit: The neck (throat), the upper left chest (heart) and the lower left side.
In the Bokken store you can find a Jukendo (Mokujū) made of wood, which is suitable for competition.
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