Wakizashi & Tanto

The Wakizashi is a short sword with a slightly shorter blade between 30 cm and 60 cm. It was often worn as a pair of swords (Daishō) by the samurai. In buildings the Katana was put down and only the Wakizashi was worn in the belt (obi). Miyamoto Musashi - according to tradition - was the first Samurai to use Katana and Wakizashi in battle. He is credited with founding the martial art Niten Ichiryū.

The Tantō is a straight or slightly curved, single-edged Japanese combat knife and, like the katana, usually has a tsuba and a matching saya. The Samurai always wore their tanto hidden within easy reach in the obi so that they could use it in close combat. The blade length is mostly 30 cm. In numerous records it is reported that pilgrims, travelers as well as women carried a tanto for protection. Over the years, the design of the tanto evolved and became more ornate. The tanto is used in numerous martial arts.
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