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A warrior - the Japanese samurai - did not present their katanas on a sword stand for a long time. Even if it is portrayed that way in many films. Following the philosophy of swordsmanship, the best way to display the katana is to simply not do it. Most of the time, the katana was well packed in a simple saya and a cloth cover. The valuable katana was placed on a sword stand for presentation and representation purposes.

The correct swordposition on a katana stand

Again and again I am asked how the Katana and / or the Wakizashi can be presented on a sword stand in the traditional way.

The Katana and Wakizashi are presented with the edge up on the sword stand. That has a technical background. If the cutting edge is pointing up, no pressure is exerted on the saya. This means that no cracks can arise in the wood of the saya and the cutting edge cannot be damaged either. The katana is placed over the wakizashi.

A very important aspect is the position of the handle. The position and the intention of the warrior are reflected by the position of the handle. Here, too, it's about an inner attitude.

With peaceful intent, the handle is on the left. This has something to do with drawing the sword. The katana is pulled out of the saya with the right hand. If the handle is on the left, the katana would have to be turned before it can be pulled out of the saya. Following the Budo, the grip on the left also means that the visit is warmly welcome and that no hostile intent is being pursued.

At this point, in the sign of Budo and the art of swords, it should be said that the sword is unintentional. It is neither dangerous nor an instrument of fighting. Intention is put into the sword by the warrior, the warrior who wields it. Whoever takes the sword in hand takes responsibility for his actions, his actions, for his thoughts and emotions. Who wields the sword learns to make decisions, to set boundaries, to preserve his space and to cut up illusions. Whoever carries the sword in his heart develops a sincere demeanor, the determination and the courage to open oneself to life and to follow one's true destiny.

Table stand for 8 samurai swords
We offer you a Weaponstand for up to 8 Samuraiswords made of black lacquered wood. The weapon stand is suitable for your training room as well as for your dojo.

Material: lacquered wood
Color: Black
Width: approx. 47 cm
Height: approx. 81 cm
Weight: approx 1.8 kg
Floor stand
99,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
33 to 40 (from a total of 43)