Beginners set Iaido / Aikido consisting of Bokken red oak + Saya black ♥ including tsuba and dome✅ For your martial arts: Aikido, Iaido, WingTsun, Kendo, Jodo✔Buy cheap & high quality ♥ order online now! ➽
Bokken white oak including Saya black - starter set

Bokken white oak including Saya black - starter set

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3 - 4 Weeks 3 - 4 Weeks  (abroad may vary)
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Tanto beginners - red oak
Our Tanto made of red oak is ideal for daily training and the introduction to your martial art.

Tanto e.g. Aikido, Iaido, Jiu-Jitsu, Ju-Jutsu, martial arts
Suitable for practicing shapes and contact
Length: approx. 29 cm
Weight: approx. 12 g
Material: oak
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Tanto made of Japanese white oak
This classic Tanto made of Japanese white oak is of very good quality.

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Tabi socks black / white - Size 36
Our Budo-Line Tabi-Socks made of cotton with suede sole and toe cut-outs support you in your round and gliding movements in your martial arts, at ceremonies and festive occasions.

Material: cotton
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Sole: suede
Inner lining: white
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Günther Maag-Röckemann: Take the sword in hand
Initiatic sword work - Count von Dürckheim.
Book: Günther Maag-Röckemann: Take the sword in hand.

A wonderful book about the sword practice path written by Günther Maag-Röckemann.
Please note:
The book is only available in German.

Publisher: Books on Demand; 1st edition (October 16, 2017)
Language: German
Paperback: 64 pages
ISBN-10: 3848230275
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